automatic parts washer faqs.

What kind of power and water source will I need to use an automatic parts washer?
Automatic Parts Washers are available in 110 volt, 220 single and 3 phase as well as 460 and 575 volt 3 phase machines. A fresh water garden hose is used to initially fill the sump or with the optional auto fill feature the hose is left connected. Your standard city or well line pressure is all that is needed to fill the sump.

Will I need a special drain to dispose of the dirty water after I hook up an automatic parts washer?
It depends upon what your washing as well as your local waste water codes. Call Hotsy of Okla for a free consultation on your local ordinances.

How many parts can I wash at once?
It depends on the size of the parts you are cleaning. On the front-load automatic parts washer models, the internal load height is 32” to 60” with a load capacity ranging from 750 to 5,000 pounds. Choosing a two-tier turntable model adds a second turntable for greater parts washing capacity. For the top-load automatic parts washers, the working height is 16” to 18” with a 500 pound load capacity.

How much space will an automatic parts washer take up in my shop?
Unlike traditional parts washers, Hotsy’s space saving internal roll-away door saves floor space and prevents wash water from dripping on the shop floor. Hotsy also has a recessed base which provides ample foot clearance for easy loading and unloading. The actual dimensions range from 43 to 78.5-inches wide by 49 to 90-inches deep on the larger front-loading models, and 34 to 40-inches wide by 44 to 50.5-inches deep on the top-loading models.

Do Hotsy automatic parts washers use solvents?
No, Hotsy parts washers utilize safe, water-based cleaning that eliminates potential health hazards and solvent disposal problems. However, Hotsy offers a full line of specially formulated industrial detergents for use in aqueous parts washers, customized for specific cleaning applications. Hotsy detergent is available in pails, drums, bulk packs and tote size.

How can I find out the price of a Hotsy automatic parts washer?
Hotsy manufactures industrial aqueous parts washers and distributes them solely through our network of certified Hotsy dealers. For specific pricing information on any given model contact us.

How do I know Hotsy automatic parts washers are engineered for safety?
When it comes to product safety, there are a number of reasons businesses will want to buy only equipment that has been certified to safety standards by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories), OSHA-approved Intertek ETL Semko and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). Not all parts washers have such approvals. These reasons include legal compliance, worker protection and liability protection. It’s legal to sell a parts washer that is not certified to UL or CSA, but with today’s insurance rates and liability risk, it’s not a great idea to buy one.