concentrated liquid detergents.

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TubMate All-Purpose Detergent
A concentrated powder detergent for cleaning a variety of parts, including iron, steel, soft metals, plastics and electronics.

TubMate Aluminum & Alloy Cleaner
A heavy-duty liquid detergent that’s safe for all soft metals, such as aluminum, magnesium, nickel, etc.

TubMate General-Purpose Liquid
A phosphate-free, biodegradable, super-concentrated liquid. Works great with Hotsy’s automatic detergent injection option available on the 3300 Series Automatic Parts Washers.

TubMate Iron & Steel Cleaner
A heavy-duty liquid detergent perfect for truckers, manufacturers, railroads, food processors, bakeries and other applications requiring the removal of heavy grease, baked-on carbon, loose paint and coatings.

Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
A highly concentrated liquid additive that helps prevent rusting of a parts washer’s internal metal surfaces and components. The additive coats the inside of the washer which is not easily removed by the cleaning solution.