Electric powered.

Hotsy pressure washers that use oil, natural gas, propane or electric to heat the water and electricity to power the high-pressure pump can be found in this section.

Hotsy of Oklahoma also sells Hotsy pressure washers that are gasoline or diesel powered.



Fuel-oil heated hot water pressure washers use heating fuel, such as oil, kerosene, or diesel, to heat the water. The motor that runs the high-pressure pump runs on electricity.

Hotsy 500 Series 555ss   
The 500 Series delivers rugged, yet affordable, cleaning power for a broad range of555ss applications, from agriculture to building maintenance.

The sporty 555SS, with its stainless steel coil skin, is our most popular entry level hot water model—compact, evenly balanced, easy to maneuver, and engineered with the operator in mind.

As with the entire Hotsy line, all models in the 500 series are ETL safety certified to UL-1776, with Hotsy pumps backed by a 7-year limited warranty.

Hotsy 700 Series & 895SS 700 Series
The 700 Series offers a nice balance of Hotsy ruggedness and cleaning performance, yet the 700Series offer the affordability of an entry-level machine. In addition to the three direct-drive models, this series also offers a belt-drive model that cleans at 3.5 GPM and 3000 PSI. The multiple fuel and electrical options makes the 700 series ideal for meeting the needs of commercial customers. All models are ETL safety certified and feature the Hotsy pump with a 7-year warranty.

Liquid Propane/Natural Gas Heated

Hotsy offers hot water pressure washer that use liquid propane or natural gas to heat the water. The high-pressure pump is powered by an electric motor.

Hotsy 900 | 1400 Series
The Hotsy 900 and 1400 Series pressure washers utilize liquid propane gas. They have long been the core of the Hotsy stationary pressure washer line-up. Taking on heavy industrial cleaning jobs is no problem for these models, which are built with Hotsy ruggedness throughout. The core components of the new 900/1400 Series washers (heating coil, pump and electronics) are protected beneath removable panels, which helps protect from over spray, dust and dirt.

The footprint of the new 900/1400 Series is the same as previous generations, which means users with an older model can upgrade easily without worrying if it will fit. The control panel conceals the programmable smart control interface which allows for setting automatic start and stop with the pull of the trigger gun, as well as time delay and thermal shut down. These features help protect the machine from damage if left unattended.

Models are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning in farming, construction, transportation, automotive, manufacturing as well as any business washing a fleet of vehicles or heavy equipment.

Hotsy 1800 Series
The 1800 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer is a compact, affordable solution for cleaning with hot water indoors. The 12 stationary models are electric-driven and natural gas or optional LP gas-heated, using Hotsy’s high-efficiency vertical hot water coil.

The coil skin comes standard with stainless steel. The cabinet is protected by a durable epoxy powder coat paint. This heavy-duty cleaning machine is ideal for use in manufacturing or even food processing facilities where hot water is needed for cleaning machinery and equipment indoors. All models are certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards.

  • Natural Gas or optional LP-Fired
  • Efficient: 510,000 BTU
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • 4.8 to 5.9 GPM
  • 2500 to 3000 PSI
  • 10 HP
  • 208V/1PH to 575V/3PH

Hotsy 5700/5800 Series
The 5700 Series Hot Water Pressure Washer produces a punch like few other indoor or outdoor high-pressure cleaning machines. With its 15 HP Baldor motor driving the incomparable Hotsy Pump, backed by a 7-year warranty, the 5700 Series delivers cleaning power of up to 7.8 GPM and 3000 PSI.

This heavy-duty cleaning machine is ideal for cleaning indoors or outdoors with hot water and can be outfitted to heat with oil, diesel or natural gas. All models are certified to the rigid UL-1776 safety standards.

  • Oil or Natural Gas-Fired
  • Time Delay Shutdown
  • Electronic Ignition
  • 7.8 GPM / 3000 PSI
  • 15 HP
  • 230V/3PH to 460V/3PH

electric heated

Hotsy offers hot water pressure washer that use electric for both the heating source and the power source.

Hotsy HWE Series
The HWE Series Hot Water Pressure Washer is powered and heated by electricity, making it ideal for indoor use. It’s a quiet machine with no fumes, making it ideal for food service and in-plant cleaning. Water is heated in a stainless steel heating coil, immersed in a tank of water solution, allowing for instant hot water once you pull the trigger.

The heating elements do not come in contact with the pressurized water, which results in less maintenance and minimizes scale build up. The HWE features a Baldor motor, which drives a belt-drive Hotsy Triplex pump, with 7-year warranty, and an insulated variable pressure wand with ETL certification.

  • All Electric
  • Belt Drive
  • 7-Year Pump Warranty
  • 2000 – 3000 PSI
  • 6.2 – 7.5 HP