EVANS equipment & ENvironmental.


Evans Equipment & Environmental creates wash or wastewater treatment solutions that fit your specific needs and meets all the relevant codes and regulations. Whether it is a retrofit, upgrade to current technology or a brand new installation, they can design a system to fit your needs, your space and your budget.

Evans Equipment provides wastewater treatment systems that capture and treat water utilizing several methods that result in an environmentally compliant way for businesses to wash industrial equipment.
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The EBS is the latest solution for industrial wastewater where the waste stream includes large amounts of organic contaminants. The EBS rapidly degrades organic contaminants such as oil, grease, diesel or drilling mud and converts these contaminants into water and carbon dioxide.


The EMF System allows for the filtration of elements that may be more difficult to remove from the water than greases and oils. These systems use sand, carbon and in some cases, clays, to get rid of contaminates from wastewater.
A Wastewater Evaporator is an efficient way (as opposed to water haul off expenses) to process wastewater at rates of up to 60 gallons per hour. Evaporation technology uses high heat to remove the excess water. This is a great alternative when water reuse or dismissal is not possible and wastewater haul off is frequent.
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