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Hotsy of Oklahoma proudly distributes Clean Burn Furnace & Boiler Energy Systems. Clean Burn is the world’s leading manufacturer of used-oil-fired hot air furnaces and hot water boilers. Energy-efficient Clean Burn systems eliminate your used-oil disposal costs while providing a source of free heat or hot water. Clean Burn is proud of its research and development department, an approved Underwriters Laboratory testing facility. And, Clean Burn owners can rely on the after-the-sale parts and services expertise of the largest distributor network in the industry.

Clean Burn waste oil heater products are engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn waste oils generated by cars, trucks, heavy equipment and other vehicles, and will burn standard fuel oil for added versatility.

Waste oils suitable for recycling through heat recovery include crankcase oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid. These petroleum-based and synthetic lubricants present an interesting challenge.

On one hand, waste oils are a burden on the environment when not properly handled. On the other hand, these products have unused energy potential. They can be hauled away and sold as fuel, at a cost. Or they can be burned to produce heat. For those with access to sufficient quantities of waste oil, a Clean Burn waste oil furnace provides a double benefit.

Clean Burn is a strong advocate of environmental protection and energy conservation. The multi-oil heating systems, storage tanks and recycling centers meet all EPA requirements for waste oil recycling,  eliminate extra handling and transportation of waste oils and, consequently, help avoid the possibility of waste oils entering our water supplies.

With the announcement of Safety-Kleen’s charge-for-oil (CFO) program cost increase across its used oil collection network, there’s no better time to invest in a Clean Burn. Stop paying for high disposal costs and start transforming your used-oil into free heat of hot water today! 

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