Raising hogs from piglet to market is a very complex, but efficient process. Hogs will grow from a few pounds to a few hundred pounds, never leaving their stalls, in about 4 to 5 months depending on the market. Close living quarters can allow disease to run rampant through these barns infecting all pigs requiring antibiotics and medication. Many times the entire building of pigs will become sick and die. More than 7 million pigs were lost between 2013 and 2014 (10 percent of the pig population) due to disease.

Biosecurity on a hog farm is taking preventative steps in eliminating the contamination by people, feed, water, equipment, manure and even air.

Hotsy offers a complete sanitation solution. Regular cleaning with pressure washers, manure treatment, sanitizer/disinfectants and detergents allow farmers to stay ahead of biosecurity hazards. 

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HoW IT Works.

Hotsy’s Hog Manure Treatment Program (HMTP) chemically influences the aerobic (presence of oxygen) digestion process of manure, quickly minimizing the release of Nitrogen and Hydrogen. This means: 
  • Dramatically fast reduction of odors, both inside and outside a building, reducing likelihood of the facility being targeted as an odor nuisance
  • Quickly reduces hazardous gases (hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane) to safe levels for both pigs and humans
  • Calmer and healthier animals, positively impacts feed conversion rates
  • Less lung tissue irritation in livestock

The reduction of anaerobic microbial action from using HMTP reduces protein fermentation of the manure and subsequent loss as ammonia, providing greater retention of organic nitrogen and amonia in the effluent and therefore greater fertilizer value of the waste. This will vary based upon type of livestock, feed stock, etc. The aerobic action of HMTP in manure also accelerates the breakdown of solids. This means: 
  • Reduction in crusting
  • Fewer flies, due to destruction of their egg-laying habitat
  • Significantly faster pump-out with less agitation required
  • Greater volume of slurry removal​
Hotsy Manure Treatment Product is available in both 55-gallons and 275-gallons. HMTP is directly applied to the liquid portion of the swine-producing facility’s manure pit in several locations. If a solid crust is present, use an injection pipe (such as a PVC pipe) to apply product toward the bottom of the pit. ​


Hotsy of Oklahoma offers a complete line of equipment backed by excellent service along with parts and accessories that will make your sanitation and biosecurity efforts both easier and more efficient. 
Hotsy Hog Manure Treatment
Reduces and eliminates odors and gases. Prevents crusting and solid formation. Increases nitrogen value in the manure, which saves time, fuel and equipment. 

Vital Oxide
One part stable Chlorine Dioxide formula is very effective for cleaning and disinfecting. There’s no mixing, and it’s safe for animals and humans.

Hotsy Envy
A highly concentrated detergent that works to penetrate and soften dried, packed manure before pressure washing. Not need to pre-soak. 

Hotsy Carbochlor
A chlorinated detergent that works well on soil, odor, oil and fats left behind on equipment, floors and walls.

Hotsy Carbonate
A highly concentrated detergent for tackling engine degreasing, parts cleaning, carbon smoke trails, even food and grease build-up — in both hot and cold water. 

Hotsy Enviro Clean Vehicle Wash
Phosphate-free detergent. Safe for all kinds of cleaning.