Jenfab Cleaning Solutions.

An industry leader since 1960, Jenfab was one of the first manufacturers of aqueous industrial parts washers in the country. Jenfab manufactures automatic parts washers for customers that have stringent cleaning standards or those with light or heavy-duty cleaning needs.

Their comprehensive product line ranges from small-footprint cabinet washers to large, in-line, fully automated conveyor belt, dip agitation and rotary drum washers. In addition, they manufacture immersion parts washers that include options for ultrasonics, rotating baskets or spray under immersion. Custom options are also available. 

Learn more about Jenfab products below.


Eliminate the need to manually clean parts with an old scrub tub, pressure washer or potentially harmful solvents. Jenfab’s Orca roll-in door automatic parts washer offers superior cleaning that can pay for itself in less than one year through avoided labor costs.

​It is ideal for heavy or light-duty cleaning and the roll-in door design makes it a good fit for small spaces. The Orca is available in three standard turntable sizes of 25, 31 or 36 inches and includes a host of standard features including a sprocket-driven turntable that eliminates chains, belts or tire drives, an oil skimmer ideal for extending solution life and washing parts with high oil residue, a 7-day programmable timer for heat and oil skimmer, auto water refill and more. 


Cabinet washers work similarly to an industrial dishwasher. Parts are loaded on a rotating turntable and then sprayed with heated solution from the top, bottom and sides through v-jet nozzles. Unlike a dishwasher, cabinet washers reheat, filter and reuse the cleaning solution.
Jenfab offers five different types of cabinet washers to ensure you get the right machine for your application.

Precision Cleaning Series

  • The PCS Series is the most versatile type of front-loading cabinet washer.
  • Perfect for service repair facilities, heavy equipment washing, truck repair, manufacturing, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Features a roll out turn table or V-Notch door for easy loading/unloading.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities.

Heavy Duty Series

  • Designed for the most severe cleaning applications.
  • Perfect for industrial and heavy manufacturing, remanufacturing, railway, oil, gas and mining.
  • The choice of heavy equipment dealers such as Caterpillar for its rugged construction.
  • Features 7-gauge steel construction and cleaning pressures up to 200 PSI.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities.

Vertical Lift Door 

  • Unique, space saving door design is ideal for small or space constrained environments.
  • Available with a single or double vertical lifting doors for placement in line with other industrial processes.
  • Can be positioned next to a wall with an opening to keep dirty and clean parts separate.
  • Can be configured with washing, rinsing and drying capabilities.

Top Load Cleaning Systems

  • Excellent replacement for manual parts cleaning
  • Ideal for cellular or space constrained environments.
  • Parts are loaded from the top onto a turntable that rotates under a spray wash.
  • Wash, rinse and dry cycles available.
  • Perfect for industrial, manufacturing and commercial applications.​


Jenfab offers several standard models of belt conveyor spray washers sized to meet almost every spray cleaning application. These in-line parts washers use environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions for parts cleaning operations to remove chips, oils, coolants and buffing compound from machined parts, plastic parts and stampings.

The compact mini belt model is designed for in-line feeding directly from stamping presses and CNC machines and are well suited for automatic loading using pick and place robots. The mid-size belt and large belt models are designed for applications including high-volume appliance and automotive parts washing. A standard conveyor belt cleaning system is offered with cycles for wash, rinse, blow off or dry. More stations are added for additional rinsing, rust inhibiting, phosphate and seal. High efficiency “in tank” maintenance free pumps are used to spray cleaning solution on the parts, and powerful blow off systems remove excess water. Drying systems are available to provide completely dry parts and for spot free drying applications.

Jenfab conveyor washers have design features that allow us to custom tailor the specifications to our customer’s requirements. Zone length, width, height, along with pump size and heat size and type as well as single and multiple lanes can all be tailored to suit the customer’s application.

DIP agitation WASHERS

Jenfab offers standard and custom dip agitation cleaning systems, so no matter what size your part is, we can design a unit around your needs. Immersion/agitation systems can be designed as stand-alone wash units or integrated together to provide a multi-stage cleaning system.

​These systems can include mechanical agitation combined with spray under immersion or air under immersion agitation to enhance the cleaning capabilities.

rotary basket parts washers

The LeanClean 360 rotary basket parts washer series combines immersion and spray cleaning with available high tech ultrasonics to meet industrial parts washing requirements as well as critical cleaning and precision cleaning specifications. This ergonomic front loading parts washer cleans parts in baskets or fixtures by rotating, spraying and spraying under immersion.

The cleaning cycle is followed by a combination of spray and immersion rinsing with available ultrasonic rinse, freshwater and/or DI water rinse. Parts are completely dried in minimal time with Jenfab’s unique energy-efficient dryer design.

Wash and rinse solution tanks are located below the cleaning chamber. During the cleaning cycles, the solutions are delivered, filtered, and recirculated into the cleaning chamber on a continual basis. The baskets rotate in the solution as powerful underwater jets purge the parts with a fresh filtered solution that flushes away all soils and chips continually. Fresh filtered solution purges the cleaning chamber more than twice a minute to ensure that even the most complex parts with blind holes are thoroughly cleaned.

Models available include the LeanClean 360-1, LeanClean 360-2, LeanClean 360-4, LeanClean 360-8 and the LeanClean 360-Jumbo. 

vertical agitation washers

Jenfab was the first in the industry to design an build the Vertical Agitation parts washer. It is ideal for both in-line cleaning or as a standalone cellular system.

These washers clean by dipping or rotating parts in various cleaning solutions and using one or more aqueous cleaning and rinse tanks. The best cleaning results are obtained when both the parts and solution are agitated. This action purges the parts with solution and is ideal for removing oils, chips, buffing and lapping compounds and grinding swarth. Ultrasonics can also be added to meet precision part cleaning requirements.

The VA system is fully automated and designed to process standard or custom sized baskets. It is available with multiple tanks for aqueous cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, rust proofing and drying. Environmentally safe aqueous cleaning solutions allow the system to eliminate tons of volatile organic compounds per year yet, clean better than solvent based systems.

These machines are best used for cleaning aircraft and automotive engine components, screw machine parts, automotive parts, medical device cleaning including orthopedic implant cleaning, fine blanking and aerospace components.

Models available include the Vertical Agitation with Rotator (VAR)Automated/Programmable Hoist and Vertical Agitation With Ultrasonics.

Dunnage washers

Dunnage Washer machines use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to clean tote pans, pallets, dunnage trays and shipping containers of all oils, chips and dirt. Standard machines are offered with various cycles including wash, rinse, blow off or dry. High powered pumps spray clean the parts inside and out.

Tote pans or Dunnage trays can be manually or automatically loaded onto the conveyor and powered through the cleaning and drying process. Single lane tote pan washer machines can easily process 200 Tote pans or trays per hour. Standard spray washers are sized to handle most common size tote boxes and dunnage tray and pallets. Dunnage washer machines are sized to process trays up to 96” long x 50” high.

Jenfab DunnageTote Pan and Tote Box washer machines are more energy efficient and can provide savings of thousands of dollars per year. The reason is in the Engineered Spray System which is specifically designed for each application. The amount of spray (gpm) and operating temperature can affect the operating cost by several dollars per hour. Jenfab’s spray washers use only the amount of spray necessary to meet the specified cleaning requirement. These industrial spray washers use environmentally safe aqueous solutions to clean containers of all oils and chips. Standard machines are offered with various cycles including wash, rinse, blow off or dry.