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Hotsy Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories – designed to speed cleaning and make using a pressure washer easier!

Hotsy of Oklahoma offers a wide selection of pressure washer accessories, as well as replacement parts including high pressure hose, trigger guns, high pressure nozzles, pumps, engines, motors, unloaders, filters and wands. For faster, more efficient industrial cleaning, consider one of the many Hotsy pressure washer accessories.

Give us a call at 800-375-WASH or 580-234-0608 or view the full Hotsy catalog to find the parts and accessories to fit your needs.

Some of the most commonly used accessories include:

  • Telescoping wands – 6 to 24 foot extension wands, are ideal for high or hard-to-reach cleaning areas. They can be used with any pressure washers up to 4000 PSI.
  • Flat surface cleaners – designed for use with most hot and cold water pressure washers, and are ideal for cleaning floors, parking lots, warehouse floors, trailer floors and more.
  • Turbo nozzles – high-pressure nozzles blast away dirt effortlessly and quickly with a jackhammer effect. Turbo nozzles are great for caked-on mud build-up on construction equipment.