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Degreasing Powder
Used for removing grease and oil from floors, this powder can either be sprinkled on a wet floor or mixed with water and used in scrubber machines. Not for use on blacktop.

Hotsy “Red”
This super-concentrated detergent offers outstanding cleaning at low cost. It is ideal for heavy-duty truck and car washing applications in both automatic and manual washing systems.

Hotsy Xtra Power Car & Truck Wash
A specially formulated powder that cuts road grime and oxidation, helps remove the toughest dirt and carbon buildup, yet is safe on all painted surfaces. Effective in either soft or hard water.

Super X
This concentrated powder form of Super XL is an all-purpose detergent popular in the agriculture, construction, transportation and food industries. Safe on all surfaces, it’s easy to use, low-foaming and free rinsing.

A powder concentrate especially effective in painted-vehicle cleaning, removing exhaust deposits, road film and bug residue. Good for cold-water washing.