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Hotsy is one of the best known industrial pressure washer brands available today. Hotsy Pressure Washers are built to handle the toughest of cleaning jobs, and can be used in a wide variety of cleaning applications including:

Safely Clean Food Processing Equipment
Food processing equipment must be properly cleaned to meet regulatory requirements in order to minimize the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Cleaning floors, worktables and other equipment with a Hotsy hot water pressure washer is an effective cleaning method. Many food processors have chosen Hotsy pressure washers to remove grease, grime and residue from food preparation areas because water will reach temperatures of up to 200°F.

Clean Heavy Equipment
Construction professionals often use Hotsy pressure washers for a quick and effective solution for cleaning heavy equipment. Job sites are dusty, dirty and muddy, which means construction equipment will have caked-on dirt and grime in no time.

Clean Agriculture Equipment
Available in stationary or portable models, Hotsy pressure washers are ideal for cleaning farm equipment such as tractors, trucks, plows – even livestock pens and barns.

Clean Industrial Equipment
Manufacturers cannot afford costly down time due to equipment problems, so keeping industrial equipment clean is a vital process to an effective workflow. That’s why many businesses in the manufacturing industry have turned to Hotsy pressure washers. A Hotsy pressure washer will pay for itself in no time by removing dirt, grime and debris from equipment before major problems occur.

Oil Industry & Mining
In these environments, it becomes a real challenge to keep valuable equipment clean – whether underground or above ground. Dust and oil can quickly build up and choke equipment if not properly cared for, causing costly down time. That’s why Hotsy, known for it’s ruggedness and reliability, has become the pressure washer of choice in mines and oil fields across North America. For mining, the most common method of cleaning equipment is with a washing system. Hotsy of Oklahoma offers many stationary pressure washers that are suitable for a wash bay system. Cleaning is accelerated when using a wash bay since multiple users can clean at once. Hotsy of Oklahoma also offers an all electric model suitable for underground cleaning, where no harmful fumes or emissions are dangerous.

For cleaning oil well equipment, look into a hot water pressure washer. Just like greasy dishes in the sink, hot water will cut through the oily residue on valuable equipment, prolonging the life and promoting employee safety.

Vehicle Fleet Cleaning
All those in the transportation industry  like to maintain a professional appearance by keeping their fleets clean. Image is important, and no owner wants his or her trucks, freighters, buses, rail cars or delivery trucks to be a billboard for grime.

Truck wash equipment should be powerful enough to remove diesel smoke and road film. Often, fleet maintenance professionals choose a hot water model over a cold-water pressure washer. Used with specialized detergents, a hot water pressure washer removes grease and grime in no time.

If you operate a wash bay to clean your trucks, a stationary until can be positioned out of site and piped into existing natural gas lines to save on fuel costs. These types of pressure washer systems allow for multiple users at the same time. For smaller vehicles or fleets, a mobile truck wash solution can be found in a portable pressure washer – one that easily can maneuver between parked vehicles.

Commercial Cleaning
Ever under the watchful eye of the public, hotels, shopping malls and campuses need to present a clean and well-manicured image. Yet keeping these areas clean is a never-ending task. Facility maintenance crews have come to rely on Hotsy pressure washers to quickly remove mold and mildew from shaded building and sidewalks, discarded chewing gum, even oil stains from parking garages.

Waste Management Professionals
To say that waste management is a dirty job is an understatement! Yes, even waste haulers and recyclers need to pressure wash trucks and compactors on occasion. Using a hot water pressure washer, along with specialized detergents, removes caked-on dirt, grime and grease quickly. Pressure washing garbage trucks can also uncover unwanted problems, such as hydraulic leaks, before major problems surface.

Shipping & Marine Professionals
For more than 35 years Hotsy has helped keep ships, boats, docks and decks clean from the harsh effects of saltwater. Constant upkeep is essential for commercial vessels and equipment that is exposed to the sea. Hotsy pressure washers eliminate the need for scrubbing by hand, ultimately saving time and labor.

No matter what type of marine cleaning you face, wharf side or on deck, Hotsy has a pressure washer suited for your needs. A pressure washer offers a mobile cleaning solution around ports or yacht clubs.