Radiant heater.

The creators of Clean Burn have revolutionized the industry with their newest product, the SunFire 150 Radiant Heater. It utilizes the Clean Burn proprietary firing chamber design to create an odorless, smokeless, clean and efficient burn while maximizing heat output to warm objects and people.


SunFire 150 Radiant Heater
The SunFire 150 Radiant Heater is a portable, industrial grade heater manufactured in the USA. The Radiant Heater’s proprietary burner provides a clean, efficient burn and maximum heat. Its rugged construction allows for a variety of applications whether you have an automotive repair shop, agricultural application or need heat at an outdoor event or construction site. Producing 130,000 BTU/hour on low and 147,000 BTU/hour on high the SunFire 150 is easy to use and operates quietly. The SunFire 150 runs on diesel fuel and will produce reliable warmth where you need it for up to 17 hours.