Kärcher floor scrubbers are the perfect tool for your floor maintenance program. Not only do they increase worker productivity, our quick-cleaning floor scrubbers allow for lower labor costs, they help reduce the number of slip and fall hazards and they make your floor surfaces looking pristine and clean. With our wide assortment of compact and mid-size walk-behind scrubbers along with our ride-on floor scrubbers, you are sure to find the right tool for your job.


BR 35/12 C BP

Thanks to its innovative steerable scrub deck, the BR 35/12 C Bp can clean up to the wall at a 90° angle. It can also clean in reverse, or in any direction. The height-adjustable, telescoping steering column allows optimal ergonomics for any operator. The folding steering column also makes it easy to secure for transport.
  • Steerable scrub deck allows for scrubbing in any direction ­
  • Brush height is adjustable for multiple floor types ­
  • Eco-efficiency mode increases operating time by 50 percent and reduces noise by 40 percent

BD 38/12 C BP

The BD 38/12 design allows for the easiest driving of a walk-behind disk scrubber on the market. The squeegee follows behind the disc to ensure 100% solution pickup even through the corners.

  • Agile for efficient cleaning of small and furnished areas ­
  • Easy to use — scrub right up to the wall ­
  • Quick charging lithium-ion battery ­
  • Very compact, light and easy to transport and roll over steps
  • Reduced operating noise level for noise sensitive areas

BD 50/50 C Classic BP

This economically-designed scrubber provides you all the cleaning power to take on large jobs—perfect for retail environments, schools and health care facilities.

  • Three cleaning modes for any operator to get the job done right ­
  • The slim design allows you to see in front of the scrubber easier ­
  • Home Base kit allows for carrying essentials on the machines
B 40 C/W BP 

Kärcher built this machine to be easy to operate, safe and easy to maintain. The Kärcher Intelligent Key (KiK) and advanced EASY operation are some of the many reasons why the B 40 C/W family offers a full spectrum of safety and protection for operators, machines and your floors.
  • 100% control of the speed of your scrub brushes allows you to balance scrubbing power, noise levels and power consumption ­
  • Chose disc and cylindrical decks from 17 to 22 inches ­
  • Decks can be changed quickly and without tools ­
  • The B 40 has six different cleaning modes so you can easily adjust the machine to fit your needs

B 60 W BP

The B 60 W BP is the walk-behind scrubber built for efficiency from the ground up. Accomplish more with the same size staff with the impressive productivity of this machine. Choose between cylindrical, disc or oscillating mechanics and various widths to suit your needs with our interchangeable scrub decks. Tailor your operation settings with our innovative KiK key system.

  • 100% control of the speed of your scrub brushes allows you to balance scrubbing power, noise levels and power consumption  ­
  • Choose disc, cylindrical or oscillating decks from 22-26 inches ­
  • Can be changed quickly and without tools

B 80 W BP

­The B 80 W BP scrubbers cover a lot of area quickly but are still easily maneuverable. They feature a robust, interchangeable maintenance-friendly scrub deck. Choose from cylindrical or disc in 22”, 26”, or 30” widths. Kärcher Fleet comes pre-installed on this machine to provide you with complete visibility of your machine.

  • Decks automatically raise and lower as necessary ­
  • Interchangeable decks can be changed quickly and without tools ­
  • Easily select your cleaning mode with the easy-to-read symbols on the large 4-color display

B 150 R BP

The B 150 R can cover up to 64,580 ft²/hr making this one impressively productive scrubber. Although it can cover large areas quickly, we made sure that it has great visibility for safety. Our KIK operating system and the color-coded controls make  operation simple and intuitive. KIK allows managers to control what functions and settings their employees can use and adjust.

  • Clean ramps with grades up to 18 percent
  • Features a unique all-wheel brake system for safety ­
  • Utilize the large color LCD screen to adjust everything to your needs including contact pressure, water volume, brush speed, etc. ­
  • Auto tank-rinsing and auto-fill come standard to allow the operator to do other tasks while rinse and fill are taking place