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Vital Oxide
VitalOxide – One Product, So Many Solutions 
Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant and sanitizer that is on the CDC/EPA list to specifically combat COVID-19 as well as other enveloped and non-enveloped viruses. It also destroys mold and mildew, eliminates odor and is an allergen eliminator. Vital Oxide is appropriate for commercial or residential use and is NSF certified for food contact surfaces, requiring no rinsing. It is non-irritating to the skin and non-corrosive to treated articles. Vital Oxide comes ready to use as a full-strength disinfectant for non-porous surfaces, no mixing required. Just spray, wipe or fog right from the dispenser. It is available in 55-gallon drums and 15-gallon jugs and 5-gallon jugs.

  • NSF registered (D2) sanitizer
  • Hypo allergenic
  • USEPA registered No. 82972-1 in all 50 states & Puerto Rico
  • pH balanced at 8.5
  • Shelf stable – over 2 year shelf life
  • No special shipping or handling
  • Odorless
  • Non-corrosive – carpet, fabric, natural stone, plastic safe
  • Non-irritating to skin
  • As OSHA / WHMIS / GHS compliant


400 Wax
Added to a final rinse, this long-lasting, liquid wax creates a durable finish that improves a vehicle’s appearance and keeps dirt from adhering to the surface. It gives added protection against salt, air pollution and acid rain.

Aero One
Approved for aircraft use, this non-toxic detergent has met rigorous standards set by Naval Air Development Command; Lockheed (Aerospace Specification AMS-1526); The Boeing Company and McDonnell-Douglas. High concentrations of corrosion inhibitors fight the effects of salt air, air pollution and acid rain.

Aluminum Brightener
An easy-to-apply brightener for cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces. It even makes oxidized aluminum look like new with just one application. Not for use on glass.

A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for processors, packers and packagers of foods, fish and meats. It’s great for stubborn stains, dirt, odors, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors and walls.

Citrus Clean
This citrus-based detergent additive increases any detergent’s cleaning and degreasing power. It also enhances rinsing and is a great degreaser in its own right.

This phosphate-free detergent is excellent for communities where phosphates are prohibited from entering municipal waste water treatment facilities. It’s safe for all kinds of cleaning, yet has the cleaning power of highly concentrated degreasers.

Hotsy “99″
A highly concentrated formulation of non-fuming inhibited acid and surfactants that remove concrete, welding smut, hard-water scale, rust, mortar and diesel smoke. It is ideal for cleaning and descaling concrete trucks, metal surfaces, equipment, bricks and glass.

Hotsy Coil Conditioner
A special conditioner for removing hard-water deposits and scale from the internal surface of heating coils.

Hotsy Flash
This is part one of a two-step cleaning system designed to literally “pop” dirt and road film off of truck surfaces. Flash contains hydrochloric acid, a special inhibitor formulation, wetting and foaming agents, plus dispersing and rinsing agents. It is applied to a dry surface and followed up Hotsy Rally, which produces an exothermic reaction that delivers unparalleled cleaning action. Safe on glass.

Hotsy Rally
This is both part two of a two-step cleaning system and the best brushless truck wash on the market. Applied directly over Flash on a truck surface, it creates an exothermic reaction and ionic exchange that literally “pops” dirt and road film off the surface. Used independently and regularly for brushless truck washing, Rally removes dirt as well as oxidized paint, leaving a streak-free finish.

Liquid Foamer
When combined with most detergents, it creates mountains of suds and increases dwell time to loosen dirt, grease and oil. Designed for use with foam generators and revolving brushes.

Miracle Wizz
An unsurpassed liquid for removing baked-on carbon found in food preparation, bakeries, restaurants, food-processing plants, etc. It’s also great for engine degreasing and graffiti removal

Paint & Powder Coat Stripper II
Like Paint & Powder Coat Stripper I, this product quickly removes all types of paint and powder coatings and is safe for use on aluminum, steel, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper alloys and plastics. It is not an EPA hazardous waste at pH levels less than 12.5.

Phosphatizer #2
A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts. Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications

Rinse Aid
An additive for rinse cycles, Hotsy Rinse Aid prevents spotting on vehicles.