Sweepers & Extractors

Kärcher brush vacuum cleaners use powerful suction and the cleaning action of an electric brush. They effortlessly remove stubborn dirt particles from the fibers.


CV 300

Kärcher’s CV 300 dual-motor upright vacuum is designed to be simultaneously powerful, lightweight and easy to maneuver. Our 1,000-watt vacuum motors pick up more dirt in a single pass than their comparable single-motor counterparts while our patented filtration system filters out particulates and allergens down to 0.3 microns.

  • CRI approved for cleaner, healthier carpets ­
  • Indicator lights alert operator to shut down or blockage ­
  • Innovative, articulating head for superior maneuverability ­
  • Ergonomic carrying handle for easy transport ­
  • Powerful dual motor upright vacuum ­
  • High quality three-step filtration for optimum air quality

BV 11/1 HEPA

The BV 11/1 HEPA is a portable back mounted vacuum great for increasing productivity and efficiency, while saving you money. Breathe easier with HEPA-level filtration standard on the productive BV 11/1 backpack vacuum. It is lightweight and has an ergonomic harness system, allowing the operator to move around quickly and easily.

  • ­HEPA filtration is now standard, providing optimum air quality by filtering with 99.9 percent effectiveness to 0.3 microns ­
  • Vacuum hose is a top-mounted swivel design for left-hand and  right-hand operation

NT 25/1 AP

The NT 25/1 AP delivers powerful wet/dry cleaning in one compact package. This mobile all-purpose vacuum is easy and comfortable to transport to any job site. Designed for function, our vacuum features a light weight construction. Enjoy knowing that you can pick up anything wet or dry with this handy, practical machine.

  • Comfortable and easy to handle and includes on-board accessory storage ­
  • Five caster wheel design provides superior movement and stability ­
  • Complete accessory holder and cord hook ­
  • Convenient additional storage area on the turbine head ­
  • Mobile and lightweight, perfect for transport to multiple locations ­
  • Easy, safe and quickly exchangeable clip hose connections ­
  • Ergonomically designed hose for operator comfort


This powerful vacuum cleaner picks up coarse dirt and liquids as well as large quantities of fine dust. Tact, the fully automatic cleaning system, cleans the filter with strong air blasts. It is ideal for long periods of uninterrupted use and constant high suction power.

  • Blasts of air clean the filter resulting in lower maintenance costs and a longer filter life ultimately saving you money ­
  • On-board storage for all accessories, includes two hooks for the suction hose and power cord ­
  • Bayonet and clip connections guarantee easy and secure connection of all accessory parts onto machine ­
  • HEPA filter is standard


 The NT 40/1 Tact TE has the power to get the job done.  The motor of the machine has no carbon brushes—ideal for the rigors of industrial use. It features a life expectancy of over 5,000 hours.

  • Large wheels and front swivel casters for easy maneuverability ­
  • Self-cleaning filter with our Tact system ­
  • Drain hose allows user to empty unit directly into a drain ­
  • Metal wand, floor tool, crevice tool and washable nylon filter are included with each NT wet / dry vacuum
  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage ­
  • HEPA filter is standard


­The NT 50/1 Tact TE includes an improved Tact automatic filter cleaning system – improved cleaning performance and reduced noise level. It is fully compliant with OSHA silica dust regulations.

  • Bayonet and clip connections guarantee easy and secure connection of all accessory parts to the vacuum ­
  • Self-cleaning filter with our Tact system ­
  • Wider inner diameter of vacuum hoses (1-3/8 inches) is now standard ­
  • Even stronger and sturdier components and overall design ­
  • Crush resistant hose stows conveniently on top for storage

NT 48/1

Built to handle difficult wet or dry dirt, this vac is the machine that will stand up to tough everyday use. The optional front mounted squeegee provides even more productive water pickup. It is easy to transport from site to site with its large rear wheels and front casters as well as an easy to grip handle. The large filter provides impressive suction power and long work intervals improving your productivity.

  • Mobile, all-purpose wet / dry vacuum for small to medium jobs and multiple locations ­
  • Integrated handle ensures easy and comfortable transport ­
  • Optional front-mounted squeegee for more productive pickup

NT 68/1 

Easily tackle medium to large jobs with this wet/dry vac. Designed with a robust 1.8 hp vac motor to handle any task you throw at it. If even more productivity is desired, the optional front mounted squeegee makes quick work of water recovery. Thoughtful features such as no-tipping dumping and on-board storage make this the operator’s choice for wet/dry vacs.

  • ­Optional front-mounted squeegee offers more productive water pick-up ­
  • 18-gallon capacity offers easy mobility for medium to large jobs ­
  • Easy to use, train and operate ­
  • Complete with on-board tool storage compartment with safety sign storage bracket ­
  • Self-adjusting squeegee assembly